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You'll be scored against the following key areas

Making noise using social media

We'll ask you key questions to see if social media is actually working for your business.

Is your Website an asset?

We'll take a dive into your website guided by you and provide some ideas to help improve your customers experience.

People, Sales and much more!

We'll take a look at your business as a whole and help score your touchpoints from a customers point of view - giving you valuable areas to look at.

OK, I’m ready - I want to know my score!

If you haven't taken advantage of one of Delivered Social's Clinics then you are missing out - who doesn't need an extra pair of eyes on their business from time to time! Honest advice with immediate implementable actions - thanks DS!

Carina Leney

Just some of the amazing businesses who've taken part in a social clinic

Is this for me?

What if we told you that taking this report would really help your business and you could legitimately DOUBLE your marketing efforts?

What if all it took was just ONE simple report?

The good news is, it really is that simple. And we have the feedback to prove it.

And Jon's serious about sending you a book too.

Our Head Honcho loves business books (3 infact) - one of them has helped him grow his business and if you complete the test he'll send you an actual copy in the post!

Take me to the test now!

Our screening room is always packed full of people just like you who want to learn about social media.

Who is Delivered Social?

Our clinics are famous for light bulb moments. We’re true out of the box thinkers… infact we’ve not got a clue where the box is!

Jon built Delivered Social to be a ‘true’ marketing agency for businesses that think they can’t afford one. A dedicated marketer, international speaker and proven business owner – Jon’s a fountain of knowledge – after he’s had a cup of coffee that is.

If you’d like to work with a company where size does not matter then Delivered Social is the marketing agency for you.